It's Rock Band Karaoke for
Rock Gods and Rock Band Legends.

Rock Band Karaoke is the new trend of venue entertainment, fresh from the US, that is designed to get your venue pumping and bring in customers. Why not give your customers a chance to take the stage in front of a live audience?

Offering a full band experience, with vocals, guitar, bass and a fantastic set of custom electronic drums designed by our friends at Alchemy Ecoustics, plus a professional audio setup - Rock Stars Entertainment is revolutionizing the standard Karaoke night as we know it. Rock Band Karaoke Nights will encourage your customers to gather their friends, start a band and perform together at your venue or event - they may even come with their own groupies! No matter what kind of music your customers rock out to, Rock Stars Entertainment delivers by offering over 1000 songs across multiple genres and decades, including classic rock, alternative rock, pop, country and much more! We also are now able to offer fans of the Fab Four the chance to live out their fantasies as either John, Paul, George or Ringo during our The Beatles: RockBand sessions, included free of charge at every gig!

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